About JTP

JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES SCOPE JTP is an open access, scientific and peer-reviewed journal published twice a year.
The journal aims to contribute to scientific and technological development by publishing original studies and compilations in the fields of mechanical-informatics-electrical electronics and energy engineering sciences within the framework of the journal’s publication policy. The journal accepts works written in Turkish and English languages. Studies submitted to the journal must not have been published before or sent to another journal for publication. The studies submitted to the journal are pre-evaluated by the journal editorial board. The editorial board has the right to return the work that it does not find suitable for publication in the journal in terms of language, spelling rules and content to its authors without the referee opinion.
Preliminary studies can be published after being reviewed by the editorial board with the positive opinion of at least two referees who are experts in their field. The content and ethical responsibility of the studies belong to their authors. The journal cares about and prioritizes interdisciplinary studies that have been increasing in need in recent years. We would like to examine the articles of all research lovers who approach all kinds of problems in the world with a technological perspective.